Old World Flavor with a New World Touch

Artisan Meats', formerly known as Hartmann's Old World Sausage, mission is to produce the highest-quality, handcrafted sausage and charcuterie for our clients.  We only offer products free of fillers, additives, and MSG.  We are, and will continue to be, committed to continuous improvement while providing our customers with a safe product and consistent quality.


Artisan Meats Takes Home Gold at IFFA 

For six days in May of 2016 Frankfurt, Germany hosted IFFA, an international trade fair showcasing the global meat industry. Around 1000 exhibitors, including all of the market leaders showcased their top technological innovations, and new products in meat processing.  Artisan Meats is proud to have participated and shared their story at this year's IFFA.  Participants also had a selection of their products judged to determine the best of the best.  During this competition Artisan Meats is proud to have taken back to Canandaigua, New York 12 medals, 8 of which being gold! Josef Brunner, owner of Artisan Meats acknowledged that, "We are thrilled to be honored with these distinctions."  He went on to say, "To be recognized by the most prestigious leaders in the industry is very humbling."  We can't wait for the next IFFA in three years, where we hope to increase our medal count and continue to get our brand out to the world.  



To purchase any of our award winning old world sausages, bratwursts, bacons or other gourmet meats, including our IFFA gold medal winners, or for more information, please visit the "Our Products" section of this website.


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     A relatively mild treat, seasoned with         assorted spices and wine.  These dried         snack sticks go great as appetizers or                       snacks between meals.




              Artisan Meats awarded Medals

            2016 IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany




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