Our Process

Our process is exactly what you would expect from a company who truly values precision. Simply put, our meat is the best, and we should know, because we hand trim every last piece. Our ingredients are real, no fillers, no additives, no MSG. Our production process is the perfect blend of tradition and modernization and our team loves what they do. 


State of the art smoker
State of the art smoker.

We have built our brand on the principle that quality comes first. This commitment to quality begins with our master sausage maker, Josef Brunner. Josef hails from Austria, where gourmet sausage is an art form, and the production process is steeped in tradition.

At Artisan Meats, we’re proud to say that we have taken a page out of the Austrians' book. We bring that same dedication to quality with us to work everyday. All of our gourmet sausages are made by hand. Nothing is mass produced.

We approach our ingredients with the same attitude, only quality will do. That’s why we only use ingredients with names that we can actually pronounce. You won’t find any fillers, additives or MSG in any of our products.

Our meat goes through the same selective process, which allows us to say with confidence that we only use meat of the highest quality. We check and then double check the temperature of each meat shipment, ensuring that it was received in the best possible condition. Each piece of meat is then hand trimmed and any excess fat or gristle is removed.

When the trimming process is complete the meat is carefully ground and seasoned with real ingredients, no artificial flavors. In keeping with this concept we never use artificial smoke; each sausage is naturally hardwood smoked. A variety of woods are used in this process, including apple, hickory and an “alpine blend” created from several types of wood imported from the forests of Austria.

Production can last anywhere from several hours for some of the sausages, to as long as a year for select salami and hams! When this time-honored production process is complete, each Artisan Meats product is vacuum packed, ensuring freshness.

While this process may take longer than most, we believe the extra effort is worth it. We’re proud to say that we are still doing it the way it’s been done for hundreds of years.

For more information regarding our production process please feel free to correspond with us by visiting our Contact Us page.


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 Brickyard Salami   

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                  Holiday Hours

 The last day to order before Thanksgiving is November 15th, and the last day orders can be shipped is November 20th.


The last day to place an order before Christmas and New Years is December 18th.  Orders placed after that will not be shipped until after we resume normal hours 



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