Artisan Meats Recipes & Tips

Forgive us for patting ourselves on the back, but when it comes to food, we really know our stuff. Explore the following pages to see some cooking tips from our experts, or find new recipe ideas. If you have cooking questions that aren’t answered on our page, feel free to e-mail us.

Cooking suggestions and tips


Bratwurst is traditionally cooked on a grill, over medium heat. All of our gourmet brats are pre-cooked, and only need to be heated through and browned before serving. To do this, grill brats on each side for 3-5 minutes, until they appear crisp and golden brown.

TIP: Be sure not to puncture the skin of your brat, keeping the casing intact locks in all of the flavors and juices!


Turning the heat up too high is a common mistake when cooking bacon. We suggest placing bacon in a cool pan over medium to low heat and cooking it at a slower rate. Make sure you flip bacon often and watch it closely, as it tends to burn quickly. Or we recommend lining a baking sheet with foil and broiling the bacon until it reaches the desired crispiness. 

TIP: To prevent bacon from curling as it cooks, poke each slice several times with a fork


Liverwurst is extremely versatile, but we prefer ours served with sour jams.

TIP: For an original appetizer, serve liverwurst spread on a cracker or toast.


Interested in cooking the perfect sauerkraut? Let us help you out. Drain sauerkraut and place it in a slow cooker with about 1 cup of water. Set the temperature at low to medium heat, and leave your sauerkraut cooking all day.

TIP: Want to liven it up a bit? Try adding original ingredients like bacon, applesauce, white wine, or caraway seeds. Nutmeg or brown sugar can also be added for a bit of sweetness.

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