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German Bratwurst
 It’s very easy-going, with a mild flavor and texture. 



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Not your average "hot dog", this popular favorite is made with pork and beef and lightly seasoned with various spices. Our wieners are plump and juicy with a mild, well-rounded flavor. Taste the difference for yourself!

6 wieners come in each 1 lb. package.

Finding a great mustard will make your dogs memorable for everyone!

Proudly made, like all Artisan Meat products, with only the finest ingredients.

$9.56 (unit price)





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Frankfurters | $9.03 Our pork and beef Frankfurters offer a quality alternative to the average American hot dog. Lightly smoked and mildly seasoned, the Frankfurters have a well-rounded flavor.

4 Franks come in each 1 lb. package.

Taste the difference for yourself.

Beef Wiener | $10.45 What sets our wiener apart from other hot dogs is that our wieners are actually made with 100% quality beef stuffed in an all-natural casing. Our Beef Wieners are then lightly smoked and seasoned for a full flavor version of an American favorite.

6 wieners come in each 1 lb. package.

Make your summer get together a tasty affair with our wiener and beef wiener. Great for kids!

German Bratwurst | $8.51 Our German Brats are made with finely chopped pork seasoned with nutmeg, mace, and various other spices giving this sausage a light, speckled color with a mild flavor and texture. Traditionally grilled or pan fried, and often accompanied with fried potatoes, our German Bratwurst makes a hearty dinner option for the food critic in all of us.

4 German Brats come in each 1 lb. package.

Try simmering our German Brat in butter, onions, and your favorite lager beer!