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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Artisan Meats Smoked Chorizo

Delicatessen Liverwurst | Fine Liverwurst

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This Liverwurst sausage is finely ground and commonly served in sandwiches. It is made with grilled onions and various spices.

All of our Liverwursts are packed in 8 oz. chubs.

Product contains pork, pork liver, onion, salt, spices, sugar, sodium nitrite.

$4.62 (unit price)





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Fine Smoked Liverwurst | $4.62 This liverwurst has a robust, smoky flavor and a wonderfully buttery texture; leaving it with the perfect consistency to use as a dip or spread.

All of our liverwursts are packed in 8 oz. chubs.

Product contains pork, pork liver, onions, salt, spices, sugar, smoke flavor, sodium nitrite.

Leona Thin Sliced | $4.57 The Leona is a traditional European bologna. However, unlike classic American bologna our Leona is made with a combination of fresh pork and beef and has no additives or fillers. This cold cut is seasoned with a variety of spices and has a slightly nutty flavor.

The Leona comes pre-sliced in a 1/2 lb. package. (Thick-sliced pictured, about 12 thin slices per package. Thick slices available upon request.)

Product contains pork, beef, water, salt, sodium lactate, onion, spices, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.