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German Bratwurst
 It’s very easy-going, with a mild flavor and texture. 


Smoked Chorizo

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This pork sausage has a Spanish influence and is moderately spicy, thanks to a combination of seasonings including chili powder, paprika and garlic. It has a hearty texture and punchy flavor that stands up well to grilling. Artisan Meats' Smoked Chorizo makes a wonderful addition to traditional rice and bean dishes or as an added layer of flavor to soups and casseroles.

4 sausages come in each 1 lb. package.

Take your breakfast to the next level by adding chopped Chorizo to your morning omelet.

$9.40 (unit price)





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Andouille (International Award Winner, IFFA 2016) | $9.40 Our Andouille is a smoked and fully cooked coarsely-ground pork sausage which is a substantial option with its hearty, meaty texture. Our Andouille is seasoned with authentic Cajun spices, garlic, paprika, and a variety of peppers offering a nice kick for those people who like a spicy option.

4 sausages come in each 1 lb. package.

Andouille is great in stews and pasta sauces adding some extra flavor to your favorite dish. Try our Andouille with peppers in quesadillas too!

Smoked Hungarian | $9.40 This mildly spiced pork sausage is seasoned with paprika and has a slightly smoky flavor.

3 sausages come in each 1 lb. package.

Recommended for people who find andouille a little spicy for their taste.