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German Bratwurst
 It’s very easy-going, with a mild flavor and texture. 


Popular Items

New to Artisan Meats? We know it can be overwhelming with so many delicious products to choose from. So please, let us make it easy on you. We’re more than happy to introduce you to a few of our best sellers. And hey, even if you have shopped with us before, it’s always nice to try a few products that come heavily recommended!

This pork and beef sausage is an Austrian favorite! Seasoned with pepper, garlic, and onion, this is a fairly mild sausage with a wonderfully creamy texture due to the Emmentahler cheese which is the hallmark of Kase Krainer. This delicious option comes smoked, and fully cooked.

4 sausages come in each 1 lb. package.

This gold medal winner in the 2016 IFFA, an international competition of company leaders in meat processing, stands out as Artisan Meat's top online seller.

This sausage is made with dairy products.

Not your average "hot dog", this popular favorite is made with pork and beef and lightly seasoned with various spices. Our wieners are plump and juicy with a mild, well-rounded flavor. Taste the difference for yourself!

6 wieners come in each 1 lb. package.

Finding a great mustard will make your dogs memorable for everyone!

Proudly made, like all Artisan Meat products, with only the finest ingredients.