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German Bratwurst
 It’s very easy-going, with a mild flavor and texture. 


Summer Favorites

Go outside, fire up the grill, and get ready for some good eatin!!! These classic summer favorites will make your summer sizzle.

Andouille (International Award Winner, IFFA 2016)
Our Andouille is a smoked and fully cooked coarsely-ground pork sausage which is a substantial option with its hearty, meaty texture. Our Andouille is seasoned with authentic Cajun spices, garlic, paprika, and a variety of peppers offering a nice kick for those people who like a spicy option.

4 sausages come in each 1 lb. package.

Andouille is great in stews and pasta sauces adding some extra flavor to your favorite dish. Try our Andouille with peppers in quesadillas too!

Smoked Chorizo
This pork sausage has a Spanish influence and is moderately spicy, thanks to a combination of seasonings including chili powder, paprika and garlic. It has a hearty texture and punchy flavor that stands up well to grilling. Artisan Meats' Smoked Chorizo makes a wonderful addition to traditional rice and bean dishes or as an added layer of flavor to soups and casseroles.

4 sausages come in each 1 lb. package.

Take your breakfast to the next level by adding chopped Chorizo to your morning omelet.